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An experience of "Peniel"...

" Jacob called the place Peniel, saying, "For I have seen God face to face, and yet my life is preserved." --Genesis 32:30

On Friday, September 22nd, with volunteers from Faith Presbyterian Church and friends of Misión Peniel, we traveled caravan style to the outlying trailer parks, called "los campos" with donations of food, water and basic hygiene bags, packed with love and prayers. These are the places that have not had the access to much of the relief work that is staged in town. Those who live in these trailer parks, reside just far enough away from town, that without a vehicle, it has been difficult to access all the wonderful services being provided by relief agencies around town.

Jesus went out of town, away from the synagogues and met people where they were... in "los campos", you might say. And so we set out carrying the mission's name sake, "Peniel", which means "the face of God" into los campos. What WE saw was another side of "Peniel" that has existed long before we arrived. We saw resilience in the face of those we met, heard brief testimonies to the way that faith carried them through the uncertainty of the fierce winds and rains, and then shared handshakes, smiles and hugs of affirmation for the ways that God is truly at work, bringing people together to share in the spirit of compassion, hope, and love. It was a "Peniel" moment for us all!

Providing needed commodities is important, as we are all called to share what we have been given with others. The mission focus of Misión Peniel strives to build impactful relationships with Immokalee farmworkers as well as with those who come with their churches, schools or as friends, to serve in Christ's name. Partnership in ministry is a beautiful thing! The face of God continues to be reflected through these relationships, one by one, in “los campos” and beyond. May we continue to see “Peniel” as a two way exchange wherever we find ourselves.

If you would like to share similar experiences of "Peniel" in some way, we invite you to contact us

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